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Theater Jones Reviews “Emotionally Seductive” Sick F**k

Martha Heimberg gives of glowing review of Sick F**k on Theater Jones. Directed by David Denson and starring Joey Fulsom, Sick F**k is a one act play running as part of the 17th annual Festival of Independent Theaters at the Bath House Cultural Center. About the show, Heigmberg says,

Folsom is riveting, even when the character he’s playing is revolting. Whip-thin and wide eyes flashing, his bitter, witty antagonist rolls out a series of confessions and recollections, sometimes hilarious in the telling, sometimes painfully dark. His eyes redden and fill with tears of remorse in recalling a rueful moment; then instantly he tosses the sentiment aside and quips about his great hair. He strips to the waist, puffing up his narrow chest in a touching bit of male bravado; and looking instantly, pitifully vulnerable. He works himself up into a sweating rage of angst and regret and stomps off the stage, leaving us in the lurch, as he does his women. Plenty of time to get the hell away from this maniac. Nobody left early on opening night.

Find the full review here.

Sick F**k runs through August 1 at the Bath House Cultural Center as part of the Festival of Independent Theathers. Learn more at

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