• Friday | April 27, 2012 to Sunday | May 20, 2012
  • - 10:00 am
  • The Nest 425 Bedford St Dallas, TX 75212
The Better Doctor

The Better Doctor: A Silent Film on Stage
By Matt Lyle
Directed by Cassie Bann and Justin Locklear
Produced by Josh Glover
Director of Cinematography: Marc Rouse and Frank Robertson

Music Director: Wade Cofer
Musical Composition: Adam Cole and Noah Jackson
Foley Artist: Johnny Sequenzia
Scenic Design: Isaac Jerod and Josh Davies
Costume Design: Jennifer Madison
Lighting Design: Scott Payne
Stage Manager: Cyndee Rivera


The Intern – Ezra Jesse Bookman
Velma – Lindsay Bartlett
Mumps -Lily McCollum
Slings – Manon McCollum
Rickets -Nadaha McCullough
Chief of Medicine, Judge – Robert Long
Mad Pharmacist, Cop – Ben Schroth
Pregnant Lady, Secretary, Snooty Lady – Marti Etheridge
The Beastly Orderly, Newsie – Andrew Aguilar
Amoeba, Prosecutor, Bread Man – Roth Farrar



Cassie Bann and Justin Locklear co-directed The Better Doctor for Upstart. The show upholds Upstart’s reputation for high-production values, with ambitious backdrops by Isaac, Jerod and Josh Davies. Marc Rouse and Frank Robertson’s videos beautifully maintain the look of early cinematography. The story again features The Boxer’s heroine, Velma (Lindsay Bartlett). She encounters three ailing street kids and decides to find them medical help. At the hospital, only an intern (Ezra Jesse Bookman) is sympathetic. The difficulties they come up against satirize the American health care system.