• Wednesday | October 27, 2010 to Saturday | November 20, 2010
  • - 10:00 am
  • The Green Zone: Dallas, TX 75207
Three One Act Plays by Harold Pinter

Three One Act Plays by Harold Pinter

Celebration directed by Donny Covington

One For The Road directed by Mason York

A Kind Of Alaska directed by Diana Gonzalez


Stage Manager: Cate Hulme

Assistant Stage Manager: Ben Schroth

Technical Director: Donny Covington

Set Designer: Zachary Broadhurst

Set Dresser: Ryan Matthieu Smith

Lighting Designer: Alan Charnock

Sound Designer: Mason York

Costume Designer: Justin Locklear

Props Designer: Ryan Matthieu Smith

Co-Producers: Josh Glover & Barrett Nash


Adrian Churchill

Amber Devlin

Kit Hussey

Connie Lane

Tony Martin

Doug McCollum

Meridith Morton

Jack O’Connor

Randy Pearlman

Michael Rains

Krishna Smitha

Beau Trujillo